Fisher House is a “home away from home”for military patients at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham and their loved ones.

Due to the world class care carried out at QEHB, and the lessons learnt from the battlefield, servicemen and women survive injuries today that they would have died from just a few years ago.

But for their families, the knock at the door is something they dread.

When we speak to families, they tell us that when they hear their loved one is injured they just want to get to Birmingham as soon as possible, without any thought about where they will stay when they get there.

Fisher House is here for them: a “home away from home” within walking distance of the hospital.

Home away from home

Fisher House has 18 large family bedrooms, all with ensuite facilities, and disabled access throughout. There are also communal facilities for military patients to get out of the ward and spend time with families, friends and colleagues in a non-clinical environment.

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Ground floor

First floor



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Our patients

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham is the receiving hospital for all the UK’s military patients who are injured or fall ill anywhere around the world.

Military patients are treated by NHS and military medical staff. Over 400 serving military personnel form the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine are at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham.

At Fisher House both the capital build and the ongoing running costs are completely funded through charitable donations.

Fisher House opened its doors in April 2013.

Who is supporting Fisher House?

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham Charity aims to provide extra facilities and equipment for patients of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

We do this by providing extra equipment and facilities and by funding research, all of which are over and above core NHS services. None of our donations are used to replace core NHS funding.

The charity also supports the UK’s military patients who are treated at the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine, which has been based in Birmingham since 2001.

Fisher House is a project owned and run by the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham Charity, with the kind and generous support of many benefactors and partners.

We are working in partnership with Help for Heroes and US charity Fisher House Foundation, who have given £1.5m and £1.3m grants to Fisher House respectively out of the total build cost of £4.2m.

Help for Heroes is also contributing £50,000 per annum towards the running costs for the first ten years of Fisher House, which are expected to be in the region of £250,000 per annum.

We are extremely grateful to the two charities, and everyone else who has supported Fisher House. We could not run the house without the kind and generous support of you all.

The capital fundraising element of Fisher House is now complete. The hospital charity is responsible for the ongoing running costs of Fisher House, which we will need to continue to fundraise for and we are very grateful for your support.

Help for Heroes is continuing to fundraise for its £1.5 million capital grant, and the £500,000 running costs grant. You can make a donation directly to Help for Heroes at www.helpforheroes.org.uk and request it be allocated to that grant. Donations made via that route will count towards the £1.5 million grant from Help for Heroes.

“We’ve seen the military and the charities working in the best way possible with all the support they’ve given us. They’ve taken on every other stress so we can concentrate on our son.”

Iain Stewart

Father of wounded soldier

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