Fundraising at work

A guide to help you: 

Choose Fisher House…

Once you have decided that you would like to fundraise for Fisher House, get in touch with the QEHB Charity team to discuss your plans. We are always more than happy to talk to you, so call us on 0121 371 4852 or email

Get the boss on board …

Prior to holding an event at work, it is always best if you receive the green light from your manager. Try to be flexible with your plans; some may not always be suitable for your specific workplace. Your boss may even take part in the event, or make a donation!

Get help from your friends …

People always love an enjoyable break within their working day. Make sure you promote the fundraiser through multiple mediums: posters, emails, and texts are always good ways of spreading the word, as well as social media. The more people who know about your event, the more money you are likely to raise. Do not forget that the event could be a great opportunity for team-building, so offer the opportunity for your colleagues to be involved if they wish.

Don’t forget the prizes!

Who does not love a good, friendly competition where prizes can be won? A little rivalry between offices or departments will always be welcome when there are rewards at stake. 

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